Case Studies

Sanju's Case Studies

The Case of a Structural Engineer

My involvement: lead visual design and front-end development

We planned a redesign of the brand, website and the online identity of a construction company in Chicago, IL in 2008. From the get go, we needed new business cards, letter heads, logo, and a fresh new start to the company's web presence. As a Creative Director at After Crash Media, I not only considered myself proficient with the techniques and steps involved in advertising management but as a team who understood the business value that will be driven from a "re-brand", we listened and understood the client.


Sanju's Case Studies Sanju's Case Studies

The objective of the project was to design and implement a newly designed construction website that not only looked good, but gave a good hold of how the information flowed through the website to give a better user experience. Specific goals included, to create a modular design that showed all the company's projects can and provide a content management system that leverage for future web migration efforts and then meet an aggressive one-month launch deadline set by executives of the company.


It was clear that this company needed a visual redesign for it's websites, but also a site architecture overhaul as well. We designed a site map that was simple and clear to its visitors. SP Engineers had prospective and returning clients visiting their website from time to time. It was important to focus on delivering the main objectives of SP Engineers on their website which was to be clear and precise on who they are, for prospective clients and what they do for all types of clients.

Sanju's Case Studies Sanju's Case Studies

At the time, the company didn't want to display their work online using a photo gallery which was suggested by us. With only a few weeks for launch their unified web presence, we focused on creating a design system that would support the immediate brand identity. The overall goal was achieved and we felt the client was very pleased with the final outcome.

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