Case Studies

Sanju's Case Studies

The Case of a New Leads Manager

My involvement: lead interaction design and usability testing

There was a way for our clients to view their incoming leads, in the form of calls and emails. The calls that were made to their call tracking number, and the web leads were nothing but web forms on their advertising websites that we provided them with. Clients could hear their calls, download these calls as files that they could save on their computers, view a contact history with their customers, and view the email history as well. The leads manager was a list of these incoming leads, had no structure and organization to the list, lacked a lot of the functionality we envisioned in the initial plans and lacked any reporting visualizations.

User Research Artifacts

The leads manager was to have a complete design overhaul. We shadowed interactive marketing specialists who talked to their clients about how they viewed their calls and emails.

Questions that were asked
Did they access the leads manager from the dashboard?
How often did they visit this page?
Did they use filters on the page to search for the customer/lead they were looking for?
Do clients use the Lead rating tools and rate the leads after assessing them?


This list of leads was a data table. It was important to meet with the users who made talked to their clients. We tried to focus on the needs, and propose a redesign of the user interface, with added functionality.

Wireframes and Visual Design

These are some of the high fidelity wireframes/mockups that were created by my team in order for us to do some initial user testing and also chalk out the interactions on the page. The new functionality was clearly expressed. We added reporting to these pages so a user can view their leads over time, see trends, compare types of leads for their campaigns.

This was a proposal for the new Yodle Live Leads Manager. While it's still in the planning stages, I'm currently working on meeting with more users and refining the process and wireframes after their feedback.