Our History

Fairmont Regional Medical Center has a proud history that spans over a hundred years of service to the community. We invite you along to take this pictorial tour from Cook Hospital to the present time.

  1. 1863 - 1900

    Birth of John R Cook

    January 24, 1863

    The Founder John R Cook was born in Virginia on January 24, 1863, descended from English colonists who came to America in the 1600's. Growing up after the Civil War may have inspired him to a career serving those in need.

    At the age of 21, he completed a course in medicine and surgery at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1884. In 1886, he moved to Rivesville, WV.

    Dr. Cook was the company doctor for Montana Mines and New England Mines, the latter owned by the Watson family. He recruited two other doctors to join him, Dr. James Durant and Dr. E.W. Howard

  2. 1901 - 1930

    Cook Hospital Founded


    By 1901, Cook purchased the J. Walter Barnes property on Gaston Avenue & 2nd Street. This Victorian structure could hold 30 patients. In 1903, a four story building was constructed there for a 100 bed hospital. A nurses' residence was added in the 1920's..

    History The nursing school trained daughters of coal miners, farmers and families with limited incomes ....those who otherwise couldn't afford college for their daughters. By 1940, a total of 189 women graduated from this well respected, 3 year program.

    During the depression, tuition was $25 and the students were paid $10, $12, and $14 per month by level of training. Cook Hospital contained a lecture room. When the nursing licensure began in 1907, examinations were given at the training sites by the nursing supervisor. The students used six texts and the doctors on staff lectured.

    Private duty nurses were used in the hospital - the families paid them $21/day and paid the hospital $5/week for the nurses' board.

    History Cook Hospital had an 18 member board of directors which met the 2nd Friday of each month to conduct business. This was one of the first community hospitals to become operational in West Virginia. A superintendent was appointed 'for the proper administration of business of the hospital.' The medical staff was well known in the region and the hospital prospered. However, Dr. Cook's life was shorter than his namesake. In September, 1908, he got an infection in surgery. He died at the age of 45 on November 8, 1908. Dr. Cook was remembered for his charitable nature and his vision of a community hospital to benefit everyone.

  3. 1931 - 1960

    Formation of Fairmont General Hospital

    Cook Hospital

    By the late 1930's, Cook Hospital seemed antiquated ... a new hospital was envisioned by the physicians and board.

    Cook Hospital's ownership was transferred. After the sale of bonds and transfer of ownership to the City of Fairmont, Mayor Fred Wilson presided at the groundbreaking for the building of 'Fairmont General Hospital (now Fairmont Regional Medical Center) and the Nurses Home' on a farm off Locust Avenue. Ground breaking was held on Dec. 29, 1938.

    School of Nursing affiliated with Fairmont State College (now Fairmont State University) in 1943 and ended in 1966 when FSC expanded training. Over 400 nurses graduated from FGH School of Nursing.

    History FGH operated a Laboratory Technician School, an Anesthesia School and a Radiology Technology School through the early '70's. The unmarried females lived in the Nurses Home under supervision of a housemother at all times. The building contained classrooms, dorm rooms, a library and common areas including a 'date room.'

    An addition was planned by the late '40's. This was the 1000th project funded by the Hill-Burton program. The new addition cost $600,671.54. New equipment cost $44,760.02. The 1950 expansion at FGH added 77 beds for a total of 246.

  4. 1961 - 1970

    A Modern Fairmont General Hospital

    Cook Hospital

    By the mid-60's, a need for a larger, modern replacement facility was evident. An $8.6 million dollar facility was financed by Hill-Burton with the community contributing $1.25 million dollars in local match. This was the largest public fund drive in the history of Marion County at that point in time and probably to this date. E.M. Bellott served as fund campaign chairman.

    Cook Hospital

    Senator Jennings Randolph visited the construction site in 1969. The building opened in 1970. Licensed beds (in both the old and the new) totaled 268.

  5. 1987

    ER/Special Care Unit Addition

  6. 1992

    Ambulatory Surgery Unit
    Cath lab & Rehab Suites
    Hamilton Conference Center

  7. 1995

    Admissions Evaluation Unit opened

  8. 1997

    Customer Service Center / Locust Ave

  9. 1998

    Major HVAC improvements
    New Entrance & Improved parking areas
    Facelift of the 1939 Building
    New gift shop added
    Partial Hospitalization Program Suite

  10. 1999

    Behavioral Medicine Unit Renovated

  11. 2000

    Sleep Disorders Lab Suite opens

  12. 2002

    Wound Healing Center Opens
    Surgical suites underwent a $1.8 million renovation
    Stepdown/Telemetry Unit (3A) renovated

  13. 2003

    Catherization Lab opens
    CT Scanning Technology Upgrade

  14. 2005

    Picture Archive & Communication System (PACS) Implemented
    Nuclear Medicine acquires new gamma camera
    Main hallways of facility renovated

  15. 2006

    Renovations to 1st Floor, Main Lobby, Emergency Waiting Room, & Behavioral Medicine Unit

  16. 2007

    3B Medical Surgical Unit and third floor waiting area renovated
    64-Slice CT Scanner installed
    Radiology Department renovated
    Physicians Lounge renovated
    Electronic Medical Records System implemented (Phase I)

  17. 2008

    FGH opens HealthPlex facility in South Fairmont

    December 26, 2008
  18. 2010

    Registration area is renovated
    Geriatric Psych unit opened
    December, 2010

  19. 2011

    Electric Power Upgraded

  20. 2013

    Digital Mammography Machine installed
    July, 2013

  21. 2014

    Acquisition by Alecto Healthcare

    September, 2014
    Alecto Healthcare Logo

    Fairmont General Hospital was purchased by Alecto Healthcare, LLC and became Fairmont Regional Medical Center.
  22. 2015

    Marion County Rescue Squad Documentation Room

    Dedication and Grand Opening of the Marion County Rescue Squad Documentation Room

    Cook Hospital