Sanju Varma - Product Designer

I build enterprise digital experiences at Tesla. I love design, technology and story.

As a Design Leader

I commit to inspire, coach, mentor and build confidence within design teams. I find opportunities for collaborative design between product and technical teams, promote our brand, value and culture of design and lastly, I continue to learn, adapt, preach and build long lasting relationships

As a Designer

I'm obsessed with empathy and gathering data on how anything is built, how they're used, and then solving problems of any scale by breaking it down to simple artifacts that translate in to a pattern and are tested with actual users

Ask me anything about design, leadership and ... fast cars

Solving complex problems for startups and large technology brands, leading by design

I’ve worked with early stage startups, design agencies and with large technology companies like Tesla, Adobe and Cisco on consumer and enterprise products used by millions worldwide

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On a personal front

I studied Computer Science and wrote code to build web apps, and then went to Graduate School for Design at DePaul University in Chicago, where I was to taught concepts and methods from computer science and human computer interaction design.

I now breathe design every single day and have an obsession to mix form and function to solve problems in the digital world.

I live in Campbell, California with my wife and two little boys. I love to grill, teach math and table manners to my kids, play tennis and basketball. I'm obsessed with my nicely modded Tesla Model 3 Performance, and love every minute of my experience driving it.

About Sanju